Let The Last Year In My 20's Begin!

May 25, 2012

The first Birthday text arrived at 3am from the last guy I expected to hear from; George. George was erased from my phone and blocked from my facebook months back (to quell my own self-inflicted heartache). The shock of his text jolted me into reflection of the past year and the current 1/3 life crisis I’ve been arriving at as today approached. As I reflect on turning 29, I must admit that this is not where I envisioned I’d be at this age. I imagined taking the cupcake world by storm and outgrowing my 360 square foot shop into a beautiful new space where people could sit and experience a brand built on perseverance, creativity, and the ideals of uniqueness and integrity. The past 5 years have been a struggle of cupcake building. My vision and goal of being a nationally recognized cupcake creator before age 30 has left me sullen, realizing I only have a year left to go. Although I’m sitting alone in my studio apartment (which needs a desperate organization fairy), drinking the last pod of coffee from my Keurig (since I can’t remember to buy more on my nightly dinner run to Wegmans) I have to remind myself that I have progressed over the past few years and I am still somewhere at age 29. I might be single, with few friends, spending 95% of my time alone; but in that time I’ve learned so many valuable things about who I am and most importantly, who I want to be. I’ve built a business not once but twice, with zero backing or experience. I won a nationally televised competition, and even more rewarding is that I recently got approved for a small business loan (however small it is, if you’re a business owner you know how huge that accomplishment is). I’ve been invited as a presenter to speaking engagements, which is such an incredible honor. I have a business that has come full circle and is bordering on disrepair once again, due to constraints, yet I will not give up. This is my lesson to myself for today and the rest of my life in my 20’s. I will be what I want to be. I may not have made it yet but hard work, perseverance, and being unabashedly honest, real, and unique will get me there. I said it on January 1st and I’ll remind myself again now: This will be my year. People tell me I have something special and I will become a great success; today I will choose to believe them. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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