Pick Tomatoes. Head Bang. Be Spontaneous.

September 01, 2012

People are relentless to proudly tout their spontaneity yet simultaneously fear stepping out alone (how much this irks a lone journeyer such as myself, I’m sure you can imagine). Spontaneous, do you claim? When Spontaneity zings from inside your veins do you experience an energizing burst like a torch set afire? Do the clouds disperse for a brief moment and do raindrops of carefree exuberance splash upon your eyeballs and down your cheeks? Spontaneity leads to awakening, introspection, and acceptance of self. Spontaneity is not a skill you must acquire, it’s not a goal you must work towards, not even a task on your to-do list. Spontaneity cannot be planned, pondered, predicated, only procured. Spontaneity is natural, uninhibited, self-acting, and instinctual. It’s walking into Wegmans for oranges and listening your internal rhythm as it draws you to dine with the 80 year old samba-ing couples whooping it up to live jazz covers of Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and Elvis. Spontaneity is following the glow of the moon to a lakeside bar and head banging till midnight to old school revivals of Limp Bizkit and Metallica. Spontaneity is solitarily wandering New Orleans, rolling suitcase in tow, and stumbling upon 3 strangers who lead you to the NCAA Final Four at the Superdome followed by 4am beignets at Café du Monde before grabbing a solo flight home. Spontaneity is self-directed, it’s adventurous, and it’s at times impulsive. It can be dangerous, it can be simple, but it will always be something. It’s the greatest benefit of a solitary life; the ability to shake my hair, run for the hills and just go somewhere. After a night of solo spontaneous adventuring, I find myself once again enchanted with the world (for now) but even more so enchanted with I. I firmly believe that opportunities are not to be had, they are to be made. If the doldrums of life are setting in, if you’re losing your sense of self, then you must go and make your own opportunities. I guarantee that if you grab your head full of wander, your adventuring essentials (keys, ID, phone, and a $20 bill) and break away from your comfort zone, your inherit spontaneity will lead you on a whirlwind of… well… a whirlwind of you. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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