Goodbye Cupcake Bar, Hello Frosted Future

December 25, 2012

Yesterday marked the end of an era for me – the cupcake shop closed for good. The most common response to my news of closure has been, “why would you do such a thing?” 2012 has been an amazing year for me – it really has. My Cupcake Wars win on Food Network aired; hurtling me through uncharted territory, my cupcake shop almost saw an expansion as I applied for and got approved for a commercial loan (that I didn’t accept), I wrote a book proposal; seeking out and signing a book deal, and finally, I closed the very cupcake shop that I had opened to make this all possible. In one of my very first blog posts in January 2012 I remarked that this year was going to be “my year” - and it really has been. Through all of the ups and down I’ve focused on my own growth and myself this year more than I ever have in years past. I’ve concerned myself with how I’m feeling, ways I can be happier, and changes I can make for myself to get where I want to go. You see, the cupcake shop was just a vehicle to help transport me on the journey I desire to take. Realizing it’s difficult for people to understand why I would shut the doors to a seemingly successful retail business, I’ll try my best to explain… I just didn’t like it anymore. When something isn’t making you happy you must make a change and do something that will. Hundreds of people have expressed their sadness for the closing of the Dollop Cupcake Bar and although I really truly deeply appreciate their support and dismay that my cupcakes will no longer be for sale in the way that they have been for the past 4 years, I am not sad. Even as I stood in Dollop last night, packing up the remains and reminiscing about the past, not one tiny, itty bitty inkling of sadness crept through me. So although I don’t make resolutions, my resolution this year is to continue making changes that move me in the direction of happiness – even if others don’t understand ‘why’ I would possibly make those changes. Closing the retail store is a GOOD thing that is reenergizing my soul and refurbishing my life. This closure is allowing me to take my dreams to the next level, grow the Dollop Gourmet Frosting Line, exhibit at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco next month, and write a cookbook that will be published and in stores throughout the country. When one door closes, others really do open – they just don’t do so on their own. I’m going to keep on taking chances, pushing and pulling doors, and working towards making 2013 “my year” once again. Do the same for you. Happy New Year! Cupcakes = Life Frosting = Love Heather Cupcakes

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