Day 1 at Winter Fancy Food Show

January 20, 2013

San Francisco! It’s crazy intense here at the NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show and completely, unanimously overwhelming – in a good way. So many people, so many unique foods, and booths that look like actual mini stores – it’s sensory overload and beyond your wildest dreams. Since my brain is in double battered & fried mode it’s better I share my exhaustingly awesome first day experience with you in list form rather than full-on sentence form. Heather’s top 20 lessons learned on day 1 of the Winter Fancy Food Show 1. As cute as your orange shoes are and as much as you want to dance in front of your booth to show them off, you won’t and no one will see your feet. 2. Once you start tasting foods you won’t want to stop. Put down the mini spoon and get back behind your booth. 3. Leaving your booth means leaving potential buyers. You won’t want to leave your booth. 4. Make friends with your neighbors – you’ll be seeing a lot of them. 5. When tasting: bite and toss, bite and toss, bite and toss. 6. That guy who wants to steal a jar of your frosting? He works for Whole Foods – say yes. 7. The less you blab, the better. Listen more, talk less. 8. Don’t take your shoddy wifi for granted when you find it. 9. Scharffen Berger has a better booth than you because – well, because it’s Scharffen Berger. Quiet your envy already. 10. These people are serious business and make seriously good food. Seriously. 11. Rochester is small, the world is big. Also, Rochester is big and the world small. 12. Score some Brownie Brittle and save some for dessert. 13. Wake up earlier than “early”. 14. Adrenaline > caffeine. 15. You will be exhausted. You won’t need to workout. You will be psyched to return for day two. 16. You have one shot to make a first impression. One. Shot. Remember and act accordingly. 17. You worked hard, it shows; stop worrying. 18. Go big or… just go big. 19. People’s faces speak volumes – watch that “first bite” expression to tell if your product is truly amazing. 20. Your product is truly amazing. Frosting = Love Heather Cupcakes

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