Frosting Birthday Party Plan - Four Keys to Birthday Party Success

May 28, 2013

You’ve done cupcakes. You’ve done candy buffets. You’ve done giant fondant covered cakes in the themes of Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious. But you haven’t done (dun dun dun)… the Frosting Party. A party—themed around frosting. Can you hear your girl squealing with delight right now? Just follow these four tips and you’ll be prepped with the ingredients for the easiest and most fun party you’ve ever pulled off!
  1. Make the frosting from scratch. Don’t panic. It’s really simple. Pick out your favorite vanilla frosting recipe (I’d recommend the Vanilla Buttercream recipe from The Dollop Book of Frosting) and double or triple it. Divide the frosting into several smaller bowls, tint each with a different color, and voila! A painter’s pallet of fresh frostings! If you’re really aiming to up the ante, add flavor extracts such as orange, almond, and peppermint to each dyed frosting.
  2. Pick up some FDVs (Frosting Delivery Vehicles). Hit your favorite local grocery or bakery for some of their freshly made sugar cookies, unfrosted cupcakes, brownies, etc. That’s right, you’re not going to bake the FDVs! Breathe a sigh of relief. Right. Now.
  3. Every party needs a party game. There are so many games we can play with frosting! Using your flavored, colored fresh frostings and your store bought FDVs, see which child can concoct the craziest and tastiest dessert plate. Or who can construct the tallest cookie tower using the frosting as glue. Or using different shaped cut out cookies, award a prize for the most elaborately decorated cookie scene. Don’t be afraid to arm your guests with toppers such as chocolate chips, sanding sugars, m&ms, graham crackers, raisins, and such. This is an opportunity for these little chicks to get down and dirty and allow their sweet creativity to shine!
  4. You just created goody bags without even knowing it. Yeah, you really did. Give each girl a colorful takeout container to put her already frosted masterpieces in, Ziploc snack baggies for leftover toppings, an assortment of leftover unfrosted FDVs, and mini tupperwares of frosting, and they’ll be able to recreate their fabulous frosting experience at home with their families! A frosting party is a party that just don’t stop.

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