Why you shouldn’t make fun of International Panic Day

June 18, 2013

Today is International Panic Day. I know this because of this. I even made a lighthearted vlog about it, encouraging you all to panic with me today. Although when I made the video I thought it was just National Panic Day. Clearly, it's a way bigger deal than that. I swear I wasn't making fun of this important holiday. (Ok, I kinda was.) And then it happened. The real panic. The kind that makes this International Panic Day. In the middle of attempting to do 400 Double Unders at CrossFit, I lost. My. Shit. The jump rope kept curling under my feet and I started tripping over almost every other jump; getting more and more frustrated. By jump 136 the freak-out gained force. I violently ripped the handles off my jump rope. Then the tears started. In a roomful of athletes and friends, I'm standing there crying with a broken jump rope at my feet. A jump rope I broke myself. This is embarrassing, you guys. As I bolted out the backdoor, the ugly cry began. And as the tears poured down I thought, what is wrong with you, Heather? Why are you ugly crying? Because you’re struggling to jump rope? Really? Come on, girl. There had to be another reason why. And now that I’ve calmed down and the panic has subsided, I think I’ve figured out the lesson in this story. Don’t make fun of International Panic Day. The Panic Gods are watching. All around the world. #TIMETOPANIC      

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