Why Catering Cupcakes Is a Stressful Job

July 08, 2013

We were only a mile into our 50-mile drive to the banquet hall when I was overcome by a sense of pure wonder. Wonder as to how, just how I survived the past four years of catering weddings without developing an ulcer. Knowing that I was on my way to cater the very last cupcakes ever left me with a deep sense of relief. Being a part of a couples' one special day was always an honor and each wedding I catered was truly very lovely (especially yours, yours was breathtaking!) but each also filled me with profound anxiety and dread. It all started with the wedding consultation. There was excitement in meeting each couple and hearing about their dreams and desires for their wedding cupcakes or cake, but in my eager to please fashion, it became difficult to balance rising ingredient and labor costs with making 300 individually filled and decorated cupcakes. Then it was time for the baking and decorating of the cupcakes. Most importantly, I needed to ensure that each cupcake was made to my standards and that once decorated, they were not left sitting in the sun, balancing on windowsills, or forgotten when packed up for delivery. Delivery though, that’s where the anxiety hit its peak. Driving 300 cupcakes 10-50 miles on a 90 degree day in the pouring rain to fancily display them for a couples' once in a lifetime special day was ulcer inducing. So. Much. Pressure. And let me tell you, people take their cupcakes seriously. Then upon arrival to the reception hall, it was time to display the cupcakes; balancing them precariously and creatively on multiple tiers. Catastrophes have happened. Cupcakes have fallen. Bride & Groom toppers have fallen. Whole Cakes have fallen. In the case that all catastrophes were successfully avoided, the cupcakes were delivered and displayed, and out the door I’d go. But the stress didn’t end there. Then came the waiting. Did they like the cupcakes? Did the frosting melt? Did Aunt Sally have an allergy attack from eating the peanut butter frosting? So. Many. Worries. And then either late at night, when the wedding party stragglers were stumbling out the door or early the next morning as the reception hall was unlocking its doors, I’d return to the hall to retrieve my custom built tiered display. The display that more times than not was dinged, dented, broken, or missing. It was an experience that repeated almost every weekend, for four years. Hello, Stress! Just thinking about it riles my nerves. Weddings are lovely, joyous occasions. I’ve met some wonderful couples; many of which are now having babies! It’s been pretty awesome. I’ve also had the opportunity to see every banquet hall in town decorated in myriad ways and I’ve witnessed more Pinterest ideas come to life than you could possibly imagine. It’s been a ride. But I’m ready for the ride to end. But first, a heartfelt thanks to all of my brides and grooms. I’m honored to have lived these experiences with you and to have partook in your special day. And to anyone getting married— Treat your caterers kindly. They have nerves of steel and hearts of gold and all they really want is to make sure you’re happy, stress-free, and enjoying your special day. Happy Wedding Season!  

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