10 Things I've Learned About Myself While In Europe

August 09, 2013

Wifi is spotty on the ship so I can only connect sporatically and at times that we are docked; which is once or twice a day max. I'd like to say that being disconnected is freeing but I think that would only be the case if I were retired. With The Dollop Book of Frosting launch coming up I should be focusing on getting the word out rather than exploring 16th century churches in towns I can't pronounce. But with just 3 days remaining on this lovely European vacation I'm starting to reflect on some lessons that I'm learning about myself. Top 10 things I've learned about myself while sailing on the Douro River 1. Exploring foreign countries and standing amidst historical creations is far more educational than reading chapters in a textbook. You've heard of those parents who home school their kids by traveling the world? I'd like to be one of them. 2. I was born to forever live on a river boat with a crew of people catering to my every whim and every gluten intolerant need. Laying out my pajamas and setting chocolates on my pillow every night would be a requirement for my destined life of fancy. 3. Tour groups with more than 12 people make me feel like a sheep being herded by a shepard. I like to eat the cattle, not walk like them. 4. After scrolling through my photos and noticing at least 8 pictures that I've taken of random roaming dogs, I've concluded that I must really want a dog. 5. I like meeting new people lesss than I always claimed I did. 6. My heavy drinking days are long gone. A couple glasses of wine and I'm not even tempted by more--even when they're free and flowing. 7. It takes absolute 100% quiet for me to concentrate and write. If I have to sit in the vesitbule by the kitchen to escape from the guests, I will. 8. I have a bad case of CrossFit FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Running laps and doing burpees around the heli-pad on the sundeck can only sub for lifting weights for so long (which isn't very long). 9. "Prawns" have eyeballs and they do not belong on my plate. 10. I can communicate with just about any language through gesturing, pointing, nodding, and smiling. World, here I come. What lessons have you learned from traveling abroad?

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