10 Things A New Dog Owner Must Have According To The Internet

August 16, 2013

Remember that time I told you that I was thinking about getting a dog? Well I haven’t gotten one yet. I’ve been debating whether I really want one or not. Then I returned from Portugal and started browsing through my pictures from the trip when I noticed that this happened photo 1 (5) And this photo 5 (1) And this photo 1 (6)   And this photo 2 (4) And I came to the conclusion that yes, I must really want a dog. But now the crucial question is whether or not I have the tools and space to get a dog at this time. As a sort of checklist I’ve rounded up the top 10 things a new dog owner must have in their house according to the Internet. Top 10 Things A New Dog Owner Must Have In Their House According To The Internet 1. Dog treats. What better way to welcome a new dog home than by baking him a puppy cake! Since I love peanut butter it's pretty much a guarantee that my fluffy friend would devour this Puppy Cake Wheat-free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting. Like owner, like dog, right? I wonder if he would share... 2. Dog treats part 2. If I'm baking a puppy cake for my dog I must make sure I at least bake it in a shape my little friend will eat. Enter this K9Cakery Silicone Cake Pan, 7-Inch by 10-Inch, Small. My dog is going to LOVE me. 3. An outfit. This Rasta Imposta Cupcake Dog Costume, Small would be a perfect choice if only for the fact that my doggie and I would match. cut cupake4. Chew toy. This Spunkeez Cupcake looks almost good enough to eat. 5. Dog bed. Or a dog couch. Frankly, this Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa Black and Brown Pet Bed is nicer than my couch. 6. Chew toys. Did you know about my affection for squirrels? I think I'd get my dog on the squirrel bandwagon with this American Classic Squirrel, Smallplush toy. Although I also love giraffes so this Ethical 5706 Skinneeez Giraffe Stuffing-Less Dog Toy, 14-Inch would be pretty tempting. 7. Collar. Oh man, my dog is going to be a badass in this 17"-20" White Leather Spiked Studded Dog Collar 2" Wide, 31 Spikes 52 Studs. 8. Water bowl. For fear of forgetting to refill my dog's water bowl I think I'd spring for a system such as this PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station, Large, PFD17-11856. I wouldn't want my laziness to dehydrate my dog. 9. Food bowl. This chic and modern Replus Meshidai Elevated Diner Size: Small, Color: Black food dish is just way too stylish to pass up.

10. Crate. Being crated must feel like a terrible thing. I truly hope my dog isn't claustrophobic like me. At least this Medium cage with crate cover would fit in nicely with furniture.

What essentials did you make sure you had before getting a dog?

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