12 Truths About Blogging

August 21, 2013

I’ve been blogging for a while now and although I don’t just blog, I do blog a lot. And I do write more than I do just about anything else these days. So although not all bloggers are writers and not all writers are bloggers, I’ve come to discover 12 truths that ring true to both my blogging and writing life. Did you follow all that? It’s been a long morning. 12 Truths About Blogging
  1. It’s 11pm and you’re lying in bed when you're overcome by sheer panic that you have nothing left to write about. You convince yourself that all of your creative juice has dried up and withered away and that you’ll be forced to become a Wegman’s cashier from now until you’re 80 years old at which point they’ll fire you because you won’t be able to tell a potato from a tomato anymore.
  2. Your butt will be sore and your legs will be stiff from sitting on your computer for hours on end. Workouts will be categorized as “taking a break”. You’ll try to make your own standing “desk” by setting your computer on the kitchen counter, the fireplace mantle, and the top of your car. None will work. You’ll sit back down.
  3. You will read other blogger’s work chiding yourself for how much better a writer they are, how much more organized they seem, and how many more comments and shares they have on each of their posts. Little do you know, they may be saying the same about you. (Or they might not but pretending they are will make you feel a hell of a lot better about yourself.)
  4. You will refresh your site statistics every minute on the minute hour on the hour. This will immediately escalate the soreness of your butt.
  5. The thought of being authentic to the world will be as much terrifying as it will be freeing.
  6. There will be days that no one will like, comment, or share your blog post and you will feel like you have failed. (Wine.)
  7. There will be days that hundreds of people will like, comment, and share your blog post and you will feel like you are soaring through a cloudless sky. (And the following day you’ll be back to #6. Wine.)
  8. Coffee.
  9. When people ask what you do for work and you tell them that you write, they will reply with, “What else do you do?” Because writing clearly is not an acceptable career. Unless you’re on the NYT Bestseller list. Twice. Once would just be a fluke but twice and maybe you’d begin to prove your worth to that guy who sells paper supplies that you met at that wedding once.
  10. There will be days that you don’t leave your house. Keep your freezer stocked. And with more than just rounds of beef and bags of broccoli. Although… stirfry…
  11. You will adore your newfound ability to connect with others while being physically alone. Just make sure you get out to the coffee shop every few days so you don’t forget how to audibly speak. With your mouth.
  12. You will stare at the dead bugs in the corner of your living room, procrastinating on vacuuming them, until they begin to multiply into their own little dead bug village because you just need to finish this one thought first…
  Do you feel me, fellow bloggers?     

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