It Finally Happened! I Adopted A Dog!

August 30, 2013

Remember when I said I was thinking about getting a dog? And then when I said it again? And again? Well, after all that thinking and pondering and debating I finally brought home a new friend yesterday. Meet Donald! He’s got the body of a Corgi and the head of something much larger. I’m placing bets on your best guess. Oh, Donald. I fell in love with Donald last Friday but I had to wait for him to become available yesterday; he was a stray so the shelter had to hold him for a week. Donald still needed to be neutered when I went yesterday to fill out the adoption paperwork but since there was an overcrowding at the city shelter, they needed me to take him home immediately. So after returning an hour later with a collar and a leash, Donald strolled out the shelter door and into my life! We had quite the unplanned first day yesterday. After shopping for toys and treats at Pet Saver (where the awesome staff gave him gifts!), trying to hump my mom’s legs (maybe it was the red pants she was wearing?), and rough-housing with two giant Rottweilers for an hour, we both passed out before 10pm. We’re slowly getting to know each other; I can tell it’s going to be a fun journey. Please feel free to follow along as Donald starts his second-chance life! I’ll be sharing all Donald updates via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. From Donald’s life lessons to training tips you share with me to some home-baked Donald treat recipes; you can follow along on his journey by following the hashtag #DonaldofDollop (By the way, Donald and I are both first-timers at this.) And now, it’s time for us to practice “sit”. Let’s see what Donald can learn today. photo (29) #DonaldofDollop *So cute you could eat him up. (But don’t—that’s really gross.)

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