Has Your Week Been Dry Too? Don't Give Up

October 25, 2013

Day #22 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project This week has been an admittedly dry week as far as big things happening. If you couldn’t tell by the lack of news springing forth from me. Sometimes this happens. I hate when this happens but sometimes it happens. If it’s happening to you just keep in mind, sometimes this happens. Yesterday, things started to turn around. The sky broke a little. It always does if you keep going. So remember when it’s dry, the sky will always break. Jill got word that the one page People magazine story will hit newsstands on November 14th. NOVEMBER 14TH! Wow. That’s wayyyyy sooner than I expected. Way. Without knowing what kind of traffic the story will bring to my website, it’s hard to prepare. I do plan to update a few things such as my “About” page and “Media” page. I also may need to push my blog tour back to start a week later than I had originally planned. I’m pretty psyched though. It’s a bit surreal. People magazine. ME. I also got word from Jill that Sirius radio is interested in having me in the studio for a couple interviews when I’m in NYC next month to film the Better Show. That should be fun if it happens! I like doing radio. Also yesterday I finally found someone to help me work on this project that I’m not quite ready to tell you about. ;) Seriously though. It was not easy finding someone truly awesome to do this thing I can’t tell you about yet! Last night I went to the Rochester Young Professional’s Entrepreneur Expo. I had been planning to attend the expo but about an hour before it started my social anxiety kicked in. So I almost didn’t go. Twitter talked me into going. Thank you, Twitter. I actually had a really fun time meeting new people and reconnecting with old ones. Isn’t that how it usually works though? And now for Friday! I switched up my routine again this morning and hit the gym early. I did really well on my lifts, which means my training program is working—thanks, Coach! Side benefit is that I now feel super pumped up to tackle the rest of my day. At 12:30pm I have a meeting. And then… The remainder of my day will consist of prepping more Holiday Blog Tour recipes for photos and preparing for my live on-air TV frosting demo next week. So if you need me, I’ll probably be in the kitchen. Happy Friday, ya’ll!

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