Behind The Scenes Of My TV Cooking Demo in NYC!

December 04, 2013

It's always a strange feeling being in one place in the morning and a completely different place at night. Like on Monday when I was filming a TV segment and dashing through midtown NYC to interviews in the morning and then eating Sticky Lips chicken drummers at my coffee table while watching The Voice at night. Monday's trip was super short, as most of my trips to NYC seem to be. It was also Donald's first road trip! We dropped him off a couple hours outside the city at Dan's parents house on Sunday night. Word on the street is that he was super cute and extremely well behaved. Donald's first road trip We arrived to the city Sunday night around 8pm, checked our luggage, and grabbed a quick (and not amazing) dinner. Since I was acting as my own assistant/food stylist I needed to lug all my equipment, ingredients, and finished products aka beauty products with me, KitchenAid included. Initially I wasn't going to bring the KitchenAid because it's big and awkward but after attempting to make frosting with a hand mixer for 20 minutes, I changed my mind. No one wants to see that mess on TV. I'm not sure what real food stylists use as totes but these Stanley tool chests worked mighty fine! Maybe I have a new career in my future... photo 2 (17) And wine. Yeah. I brought wine. Monday morning bright and early we rolled those tool chests down to the Better Show studio where we were escorted through freight elevators, into the lobby, and eventually into the green room. Lobby. photo 3 (12) Green room. photo 4 (8) We were there momentarily before it was time to head into the studio kitchen to setup. IMG_20131202_101001 Everyone who walked by my professionally food styled setup remarked how amazing everything looked. IMG_20131202_104228 photo 1 (19) And I have to admit... I did a pretty damn good job! photo 2 (18) Ready for my own cooking show. Totally. IMG_20131202_091847 The show started taping while I stood in my kitchen setup watching, waiting for my teases and segments. JD and Rebecca (the hosts) remarked on how great I looked in purple and that I chose the perfect TV color. I've never worn purple before. But if you see me wearing it everyday from here on out, you'll know why. IMG_20131202_091859 My view of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta during their segment at the top of the hour. And then it was my turn! Two segments, two recipes, quick cleanup. IMG_20131202_103051 Photo with one of the hosts, JD Roberto. Super cool dude. I gave him a copy of The The Dollop Book of Frosting to take home to his wife along with the bowl of frostings and FDV's he snatched for her PTA meeting that night. JD Roberto and Heather Saffer And since my mom is a fan of Rebecca Budig from the days when she played Greenlee on All My Children, Rebecca offered to shoot a video saying hi!


Then it was a mad dash to drop the tool chests back off to the hotel because we only had 15 minutes to hightail it to Sirius XM.

It was close. I knocked a few people over. But we made it.

Sirius XM lobby And saw Howard Stern. photo 1 (21) And Trista Sutter from The Bachelorette. Trista Sutter at Sirius XM I started playing the game, "Guess The Celebrity" with Dan but he wasn't participating. My mom would've been way more fun with that. After a few minutes I was retrieved by the producer and brought to my first studio interview with Frank DeCaro on OutQ Radio. Frank was actually in LA so we spoke via airwaves, or phone, or however they work that. Frank was awesome and the 25 minute interview flew by. IMG_20131202_113222 Then we headed around the corner to the next interview with Christina Palumbo and Chris Tsakis on Freewheelin' Radio. I loved these guys. We got along great and I felt like I knew them for ages. I seriously could've been happy as a clam hanging out with them all day. They invited me back when I launch my next project and I'll definitely take them up on that offer! photo 2 (20) On our way out of Sirius XM I just had to stop in front of the photo op wall. You would too. IMG_20131202_122502 On our walk back to the hotel the Guess The Celebrity game returned as we passed Matt Lauer! Mom, you would've been in heaven! photo 3 (15) A few more paces and to my left was the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. And really, who passes that by without grabbing a quick sayonara picture? photo 4 (11) And that was it! We got in the car, hit the road, picked up Donald, and made it home where I ate chicken drummers at my coffee table and watched The Voice. Glamour, I got it. The Better Show airs THIS FRIDAY. Check your local listings and set your DVR. I'll be sharing the video link on the Better Show website when it's up. Because I know you don't want to miss it!

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