There's A New Reality Show That You've Already Seen

December 13, 2013

After yesterday’s weightlifting debacle at the gym I decided I really needed to take today off. So instead of hitting the gym after walking Donald and making coffee, I sat down at my computer to write. But attempting to write anything prior to two cups of coffee usually looks more like scrolling Facebook. So as I perused my facebook newsfeed I saw a comment by my friend Brian about a new reality show that premiered last night on Bravo called Courtney Loves Dallas. I had never heard of this show or this girl so I decided to head to the Googles to find out more. An hour and two cups of coffee later and I had seen more than I needed to see. (Ignore the fact that I had just wasted an hour because in a sense, it was not a waste… rather, a learning experience.) I hear of authors, bloggers, and celebrities proclaiming that they were just “doing their own thing” when a publisher/agent/producer/investor approached them offering them a book deal/TV show/business proposition. And then BOOM they were famous. Just like that. This girl Courtney, maybe that’s what happened to her. She apparently was working in retail when she was cast on one of Bravo’s one season wonders a few years ago, Most Eligible Dallas (how was that even a show?). That’s not how life works for me. Nope. When I want something I have to go out there into the brutal world and chase it. Fight for it. Search, seek, and hunt it down. I can’t blame this girl for the boringness of Courtney Loves Dallas though. She wants to be famous, ok. She lucked out, ok. She’s doing whatever it is she feels she needs to do to get where she wants to go, ok. She may even be a really cool girl. But Bravo, come on. This isn’t a show. I understand that copycatting successes works, but it only works for so long. Only so many copycat cupcake shops can be successful until we’re so burnt out on cupcakes that the shops start burning to the ground. Only so many copycat food blogs can secure legions of fans before they’re all posting the same red velvet cookie baked in a pie topped with bacon recipe. Only so many relationship "experts" can write articles advising to not flirt with your boss at the holiday party before we just roll our eyes. And only so many “reality” shows can focus on upper class fashionista socialites before we sicken of the ruse. We can’t relate anymore. We don’t buy the “reality” of it. And we’re bored out of our minds of seeing so much of the same. We’re tired of Courtneys. While Courtney has countless dollars to buy designer clothes, shoes, and jewelry, I’m sitting in my unfurnished apartment wearing $50 jeans. While Courtney started her own business (her fashion blog?) after being on a reality show, I've been fighting the real ups and downs of entrepreneurship--the ones they don't show. While Courtney wraps her body in hemorrhoid cream and plastic wrap and doesn’t eat so she can look skinnier, I fuel my body with ample amounts of healthy food so that I can lift weights and feel stronger. And while there is some common ground I can find with Courtney such as her dislike for car washes and her feelings on love while being single at 30, most of her life and this show is grossly contrived, cliché, and trite. Maybe I’m the only female who scoffs at fruity cocktails and doesn’t hit up clubs with a gaggle of girl friends. Maybe I’m the only woman who doesn’t have a closet full of Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors. Maybe I’m the only woman who has finally learned that a focus on being skinny is not only unhealthy for myself but also a terrible example to set for females everywhere. Maybe I'm the only person who has fought to build a business from the ground up, failing time and time again yet refusing to throw in the towel. Maybe I’m alone in this. Hell, if I believed these shows I would know I'm alone. So come on, networks—give us something new. Give us something to relate to, to be excited about, and to rally behind. Step outside the box. And give us some reality.  

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