Why You Should Shout Your Goals From The Top Of A Mountain

December 17, 2013

Day #74 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project There are two reasons why I usually don’t share my forthcoming goals with people.
  1. I’m afraid my goals sound trivial, vain, or otherwise ridiculous.
  2. In the event that I don’t attain my goals I fear that you’ll ask me time and time again, “how’s that goal going?” and I’ll be forced to inform you time and time again that I have not succeeded. And then you’ll ask why or even worse, you’ll say “I’m sorry” and I’ll have to explain to you why I have failed and why you should not be sorry. Then I’ll get angry and I’ll say something offensive and you’ll walk away thinking bad thoughts about me.
With that being said, there are two reasons why I should share my forthcoming goals with people (and why you should too).
  1. Call it the law of attraction, the power of the universe, or just plain serendipity or fate, but by putting your goals out there you infinitely up your chances of achieving them. (If you refuse to believe in something larger than yourself then you’ll want to ignore this reason and pay stricter attention to reason #2.)
  2. If nobody knows your goals then nobody can help you achieve them. You’ll miss opportunities. And you’ll probably proclaim that you’re unlucky.
“Lucky people maximize chance opportunities.” –Richard Weisman
So today I encourage you to write down your goals for 2014. Share them here, share them with your facebook friends, on your twitter, create a gif and share them on tumblr, embed them in a photo and pin them on Pinterest, shoot a video and post them to YouTube. Do whatever you need to do to up your opportunities for success. But first, before we tackle 2014, we must reflect on our accomplishments and experiences of this past year. Must? Yeah. We must.
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Søren Kierkegaard
What did you accomplish? What were your shining moments? What were your failures? I’ll start. I exhibited my ready-to-eat frosting line at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show. I wrote a cookbook and dipped my toe into food styling. I hired consultants to help me launch my ready-to-eat frosting line. I fired consultants when they didn’t help me launch my ready-to-eat frosting line. I started to give up on my ready-to-eat frosting line. I outgrew my 20’s. I went through a website redesign and began blogging more heavily. I started writing a children’s book. I stopped writing a children’s book. I went to Portugal and Spain with my mom. I adopted a dog. I rented a house. I bought a new car. I vlogged. I stopped vlogging. I spent a lot of time alone. I became more serious about CrossFit. I discovered my gluten intolerance, changed my diet, and began feeling physically better than I’ve ever felt in my life. My book released, transforming me into a real-life published author. I did book signings, radio interviews, and phone interviews. I was in People magazine. I did a cooking segment on the Hallmark Channel and in-studio interviews at Sirius XM. I met celebrities. I was treated as a celebrity. I created and conducted two blog tours with famous and successful bloggers. I didn’t get drunk, not once. I began pursuing my ready-to-eat frosting line for the third time. I read several books. I reflected. A lot.

And in 2014? I want to…

Actually launch my ready-to-eat frosting line. And sell it in stores. Shoot a pilot and pitch a reality show. Get my show picked up by a network. Compete in a powerlifting competition. Act and sing in a play. Learn how to act and sing first. Start writing a memoir. Only blog about what I want to blog about. Make Donald happy everyday. Find revenue streams. Make money. Move somewhere comfortable. Be a guest on The Chew. Or The View. Or The Talk. Or Rachael Ray. Start a web series on YouTube. Gain 100k subscribers. Read more books. Meet new people. Be true. Inspire. Create. Invent. Overcome my fear of flying. Help others achieve their goals. Several of these goals I'm ashamed to admit to. But look at that, I admitted them anyways. And I survived.
"If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small."--Willy Merdiansyah

Now it’s your turn. What do you want to accomplish next year? Let it be known. You never know who can help.

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