The Best Pistachio Cupcakes EVER

January 05, 2014

    We met on Twitter back in August. I don’t recall how the connection happened but to assume that it was because of frosting would probably be accurate. This girl Erin loves to bake. And she’s damn good at it. I told her that she’s more of a baker than I am and she laughed. But it’s true. You may recognize her blog, The Spiffy Cookie from the baking blogosphere or from her participation in both of my recent Blog Tours promoting The Dollop Book of Frosting. She’s been a good sport. And it just so happens that Erin is actually from Rochester.  Small world. And her godmother Peg is friends with my friend Colleen who was my exercise/adventure buddy on my trip to Spain and Portugal this past summer. Small freakin’ world. So when Erin mentioned she was coming to town for the holidays we figured it was the perfect opportunity to take our friendship from Twitter to real life. Should we meet for coffee? A drink? Shopping? Ok, we didn’t really wonder any of those things. I immediately knew I wanted to bake with her. I wanted to see how a real baking blogger gets down to business. I wanted to pick her brain a little as I’ve toyed with the idea of being a baking blogger myself. Don't know what a baking blogger is? Sure you do. A baking blogger is a food blogger who posts only baked goods/sweets recipes. I may have made up this term but the definition is a real thing. So last week I went to Peg’s house to see how the big guns bake. 122813 (6) Pistachio cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting and flourless pistachio brownies were on the menu. Let’s just say that I will never be a baking blogger. Erin on the other hand, is a great one. She was sweet and fun yet serious about her baking. It was a good thing she took control or we may have wound up with some crazy pistachio chocolate banana swirled Coca Cola cupcakes or something. Measuring ingredients and following recipes is a struggle for me. When I suggested we just eyeball the amount of flour the recipe called for Erin gave me a look that said she was contemplating kicking me out of the kitchen. In the end, I stuck to the recipe and followed Erin’s lead. And thankfully so because the cupcakes turned out glorious! I couldn’t eat them but they looked absolutely perfect. Erin has a passion for baking. A genuine passion. Her eyes light up when she talks about baking and she posts a new recipe on her blog every day. It takes true heart to be a baking blogger, and this girl’s got it. Mini Pistachio Cupcakes 2 Want to make the Pistachio Cupcakes Erin and I made together? Click here! Did you kinda think that I was a baking blogger? Many people confuse me for a baker but I have said and will always say that I'm not a real baker. I have a knack and a talent for creating amazing baked goods and devilish frostings but that's where my similarity to bakers ends. I'm more of an experimenter. A risk taker with sugar. A creator. Give me a recipe to follow or make me bake something I've already perfected and I'll be bored to tears. Real bakers have a passion for the act of baking. I just have a passion for sugar shocking. Do you have a passion for baking?

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