5 Things To Do With Frosting On Valentine's Day

February 13, 2014

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and since you've waited till the last minute to plan something for that special someone, I've decided to run to your rescue and save you from the doldrums of mediocrity! All I ask in return is that you name your baby after me, come November. Now go, get it on.   1.  Serve frosting for dinner. About to serve your lady chocolate for dessert? That’s boring. Surprise her this year by cooking up this decadent Chocolate Raspberry Pasta with Malbec Ganache Frosting sauce. When you have chocolate for dinner you can only guess what's for dessert … 20130129-_I8C2532 2. Break up with someone. Look, if you’re going to call it quits you might as well lessen the burden with frosting messages. 20120201-_MG_8598 3. Get saucy. Still in love? Use that frosting to tell your other what you really want for V-day. saucy vday 2012 4. Make it hot. Set your sweet love on fire with spicy shots of Cinnamon Whisky Frosting and a Fireball chaser. fireball on fire 5. Frost that body. Chocolate body paint is so 1998. It’s all about the frosting these days. Peanut butter? Caramel? Strawberry? With so many flavor choices and so many body parts, you’ll be, um, licking for days… 20130102-_I8C9322  Now you have a plan! But you're still in need of the greatest frosting recipes in the world? Click here, I think I can help.

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