How February 19th Changed My Life

February 19, 2014

I have this weird thing with dates. October 9th and February 19th, specifically. I also have a romanticized belief in serendipity; I even have a tattoo of a frozen hot chocolate representing serendipity on the back of my neck. I can’t see it but I like knowing it’s there. In fact, that’s how The Dollop Book of Frosting was supposed to begin—about serendipity...
“There’s a famous café in New York City called Serendipity 3 where they serve a frozen hot chocolate covered with whipped cream.  I love this dish, but what I love even more is the word “serendipity.”  It means “happy accident.”  I love the idea that an accident can be happy, joyful, and life-changing.  That could be my life story, a series of happy – and sometimes not so happy – accidents.”
That was the opening of my book proposal. Later, through many edits, that opening got tossed aside. In fact, my proposal in its entirety was pretty much tossed aside as it was much different than the book you see sitting on bookstore shelves today. Today.  February 19th. I had high expectations for today. Which, god knows, I shouldn’t have had. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past several years it’s to never have high expectations. Call me a pessimist, but I’d much rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than have high expectations and be severely disappointed. For the past couple years, February 19th has been different than every other day of the year.

February 19th, 2012—My Cupcake Wars episode aired for the first time. It was life-changing. It was the beginning of something monumentally special.

February 19th 2013—In a serendipitous turn, The Dollop Book of Frosting completed manuscript was due to my publisher on this very date. The submittal of that manuscript was life-changing and again, the beginning of something monumentally special.

February 19th 2014—Today. Here I sit, waiting for my life-changing moment. Waiting for my serendipity.

I feel like I dropped the ball on my life and on my string of happy accidents by not experiencing a life-changing moment today. Albeit, the day isn’t over yet, but eventually it will be. When one door closes, another door opens, "they" say. The hard part here, the hardest part actually, is that another door usually does not open right away. And for a time, an indiscernible amount of time, all doors might be shut.  All doors probably will be shut. You stand in the hallway, flanked by doors on either side, and they’re all shut. And it’s dark. And it’s scary. And you wait. You might cry. You might scream. You might drink copious amounts of wine. And then, when you can’t handle the darkness anymore, you turn on a light. Because there’s always a light. Even when every single door is shut, there will always be a light. For me that light is serendipity. It’s looking for the signs. The happy accidents. It’s having faith that everything happens for a reason and that if you keep pounding on doors and listening to your intuition, that one of those doors will eventually open. Want to celebrate my Cupcake Wars anniversary with me today!? You can watch my episode for FREE on Amazon Prime!  

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