Story of the New Dollop Gourmet Logo

July 23, 2014

After two years of tenacity, launch day is actually getting close. At least I think it is. There still remains an uncomfortable amount of unknowns left up in the air, but I’m fairly certain that will always be the case. One thing is finally known though, and that’s the new Dollop Gourmet logo! I’ve wanted a new logo for quite some time; something to truly represent the brand, the mission, and the feelings of fun and authenticity that I hope to invoke in people who experience our * products. Creating a new logo took a lot of trust and a lot of patience. I’ve been growing and shaping Dollop for four years now, so to make yet another change took a lot of forethought. After much hesitation, I hired a husband and wife team, A3-Designs, to design a new logo. The process was a strenuous one involving meetings, phone calls, research, and several in depth discussions of what I envisioned for this new brand identity. Finally D-Day arrived, and I met Amanda for coffee to take a peek at the new logo. My initial reaction was, "wow, this was not what I was expecting." My subsequent reaction was "WOW, I totally love it!" It’s clean, crisp, bright, poppy, fun, and everything I wanted. The best part though is that it has a story, a meaning behind it. It’s not just another pretty face, so to say. If you’ll look closely, each color burst within the word ‘dollop’ is in the shape of a frosting tip. In essence, this keeps the “roots” of frosting within the brand as we seek to expand frosting from the kitchens of baking aficionados to the spoons and mouths of natural food lovers everywhere. The color bursts within ‘dollop’ also represent my food philosophy: When you choose foods that are bursting with flavor and creativity, and that provide an experience, a ‘dollop’ is all you’ll really need. Or as I like to say, a dollop will do ya! I hope you love the new logo as much as I do. T-shirts, anyone? Next up, labels for the frosting jars!   *I say “our” even though it’s just me right now, because I truly feel that you are in this with me. It can get lonely trying to build something as a sole founder, so your support as readers, loyal customers, friends, and family means the world to me and keeps me chugging along in those closeted times. I’d give you a hug, if I were a hugger, which for the record, I am not.

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