Hot Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies

November 20, 2014

Hot Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies

This year's Thanksgiving is going to be small for my family. Just four of us, in fact. "Quaint" is how it would be described in a real estate ad. I actually prefer small gatherings - less arguing, more leftovers. That's why I created these Hot Chocolate Frosted Pecan Pie Blondies - for the leftovers. As the designated dessert specialist in the family, I'm thrilled that some hot genius created a ready-to-eat all-natural frosting that's available in stores and online because on Thanksgiving I'd rather spend more time curled up on the sofa with Donald than crouched over a counter in the kitchen. And with a dessert as easy as these Hot Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies, I'll be back on the couch in no time! I made these last night as a sort of "test run" and accidentally almost ate the whole pan. Dan said they were a bit heavy on the bourbon but I told him there's no such thing. We both agreed that these these bourbon infused blondies were 1000x better with Dollop Hot Chocolate Frosting than without. Like a slice of gooey pecan pie with a shot of bourbon and a mug of creamy hot cocoa...

DSC_0256 small


DSC_0251 small

Pecan Pie always reminds me of that scene in When Harry Met Sally. No, not that one. The other one. Pecaaaaaan Pieeeeeee...


These blondies are insanely easy to make. Don't doubt me, just make them.

DSC_0254 small

So this year, replace your traditional pecan pie with these Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies, don't skimp on the frosting, and when everyone around the dinner table gives thanks, they'll definitely be giving thanks for you. ♥ Heather  

Hot Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies

Yield: 1 8x8 pan


Blondies 1 stick unsalted butter, melted 1 cup dark brown sugar, lightly packed 1 large egg 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour (I used gluten-free flour) 2-3 Tablespoons Bourbon Filling 1 large egg 1/3 cup dark brown sugar, packed 1/3 cup maple syrup 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 cup pecans pinch of kosher salt 1 jar Dollop Gourmet Hot Chocolate Frosting


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8x8 baking pan with foil, spray with cooking spray. 2. Blondies - In a medium bowl stir melted butter and sugar till smooth. Add egg, vanilla, salt, bourbon and continue mixing. Add flour and mix till all ingredients are incorporated. Spread batter into lined baking pan and bake for 15 minutes. 3. Filling - While blondies are baking, begin on the filling. In a medium bowl add the egg, sugar, maple syrup, vanilla, and salt, mixing till combined. Add the pecans and mix till well-coated. 4. After the blondies have baked for 15 minutes, remove from oven, and pour the filling mixture gently over top, spreading it out to evenly cover the blondies. Return pan to oven for 15 - 20 minutes or until the top appears set and golden brown. 5. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely before frosting with Dollop Hot Chocolate Frosting. I like to refrigerate these before serving.

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