How I Rediscovered My Truth in LA

March 23, 2015

How I Rediscovered My Truth in LA

I haven’t been myself lately. It took me ten days in Los Angeles to realize this. Actually, it took me returning home and reflecting on the ten days in Los Angeles to realize this. So what happened those ten days? It’s interesting! I arrived in LA.

photo 1 (31)

Rode through hills.

photo 2 (30)

Saw the beach.

photo 4 (19)

And the backlot of Universal Studios.

photo 5 (9)   

photo 1 (32)


photo 2 (31)

Went to the museum. And the Griffith Observatory.

picstitch (1)

Was caught on camera at Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Hi Mom!)

picstitch (2)

Went to DisneyLand!

picstitch (3)

Then to the Natural Foods Expo. Where I had breakfast with Wegmans buyers.


And saw Channing Tatum.

photo 5 (12)

   photo 3 (1)

Met Justin of Justin’s Nut Butter.

photo 1 (33)

Ate A LOT of gluten-free food. (Understatement)

photo 4 (21)

Free drinks!

photo 5 (11)

Cruised down Rodeo Drive.

photo 2 (32)

Fed frosting to nine guys.

photo 4 (20)

Went to the Food Network offices!

photo 3 (23)

photo 1 (34)


And forgot to take many more pictures. Sounds like a blast, right? It was a blast! But truth is… it wasn’t always a blast. I wasn’t feeling joy through all these experiences. I barely acknowledged the moments as I was in them. And that’s when I realized that something was wrong. That something had been wrong for a while. Over the past six months or so, I lost myself. No wait... “lost” isn’t the right word. I suffocated myself. I’ve known my true self the entire time; I just wasn’t allowing my self to be. To breathe. To come out and play. Fear. It stifles. Fear of being rejected, fear of falling, fear of alienating, fear of making the wrong choices and irrevocable decisions. Fear of saying something or doing something that would make a store reject my products or a man, woman, or child not love my brand. I’ve been stuck in this ditch of fear for the past several months, but after coming home from ten days in LA I’m finally waking the f*ck up. Remember when I was irreverent? Remember when I didn’t overthink every single little thing I was about to do or say or share? Remember when I was happy and outspoken? Fun and free? Yeah, I do too. I wasn’t trying so hard to make everyone like me. I didn’t stifle my voice. I was just being me. And it felt so free. But eventually I grew afraid to be me. And that’s exactly when I became the person I never wanted to be: Fearful, doubting, negative, angry, stressed, anxious; so focused on the pursuit of success that I forgot to live each day. Suffocating my voice was robbing me of my happiness. I had forgotten that my life wasn’t about selling frosting. That it wasn’t about pleasing the masses. That there was a bigger intangible picture. And I was no longer a living example of it. I had forgotten the whole reason I started my business to begin with: To be true. My story of perseverance is about building a brand that’s true. A brand that creates true products with true ingredients. A brand created by someone who’s living her truth. Someone who follows what she believes in. Someone who isn’t afraid to take risks. To create something whole and new. A brand you want to experience and be a part of because it inspires you to be true. In this world of business, you have to be careful. I always knew that. Careful of not alienating or offending. Careful of not losing sales. Careful of not doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, being the wrong thing. But I was wrong. You don’t have to be careful of any of those things. The only thing you have to be careful of is losing yourself. Losing your truth. So from here on forward I’m getting back to me. The real me. The whole me. Some of you will love me, others will hate me. And that’s ok. Because with truth comes freedom. And with my freedom I’m leading the Dollop brand in a mission of truth. Join me in being true. In finding your truth. And together we’ll continue to Dollop however we damn well please. ♥ Heather P.S. I'm supposed to be on my way to Austin right now for business/pleasure. But my flight got delayed till tomorrow. When I do finally arrive there stay in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because this trip is going to be a lot more true than the last one. Just watch!

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