Dollop Launches in Whole Foods

January 04, 2016

Dollop Launches in Whole Foods

Hello again and Happy New Year! It's funny how 2016 picked up right where 2015 left off. Time is such an uncomplicated thing. But it is a new year by calendar standards, and for this, I am excited. I can't wait to share with you everything that's on the horizon! But above all, I can't wait for you to travel on this sweet journey with me. Because without your support, your excitement for Dollop products, and your photos of your beautiful creations, none of this hard work would be worthwhile. Can you believe that it just occurred to me that I completely failed to announce our partnership with Whole Foods?? What an important announcement to fail to make! (This is what happens when there's a lot on your plate. Help, anyone??)

At the dawn of December Dollop gourmet Frosting quietly yet excitedly launched into three Whole Foods regions: Southwest, Rocky Mountain, and Northeast.

Getting into Whole Foods was not an easy task, but it was a goal I had set for Dollop at the outset of launching this product line a little more than one year ago. And now it's time that I ask you for your help. Please share the availability of our products in Whole Foods with your friends, family, and frosting lovers! Take them by the hand and drag them down to your local Whole Foods, if need be. You can blame the urgency on me. ;) Thank you all once again (I can't thank you enough) for your ongoing love and support. And stay tuned for more exciting news! It takes a team to change the food industry for the better. And I'm beyond honored to call you all a part of my team. ♥ Heather

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