Wegmans Love + Apple Love = Frosting!

October 29, 2012

As a native Rochesterian, I’ve been raised on the principles that snow will fall for 6 months out of the year, Pittsford will be the town where the fancypants reside, and Wegmans will always reign supreme. In the last several years Wegmans has grown so supreme that they’ve built ginormous grocery castles that overshadow the townsfolk below - castles that I forage through almost every day in search of obscure new snacks, hot dinners, and hotter men. One day, I aspire to live in a Wegmans hotel/cafe perched high above the rows of paper towels, vegetarian buffets, and coffee bars. I’ll watch the patrons shop for toiletries below as I sip espresso from my curtained balcony. On those not so rare days that I tweet my wishes of having wine delivered, Wegmans hotel/cafe staff will heed my virtual calls of exasperation and deliver carafes of Malbec and platters of chocolate straight to my door… Whoa, sorry to have run off with my Wegmans fantasies, today’s blog is actually about apples. Yes, apples. Well, apples and Wegmans to be exact. This story begins back in February when I purchased a bag of crisp gala apples and plopped down on my bench, voraciously chomping through them. To my dismay, these apples were just not suitable for my discerning apple pallet. Mushy, soft flesh, thick skin, tiny brown holes; these findings led to the type of disappointment that elicits tears and angry emoticon attacks against @Wegmans on Twitter. Wegmans epitomizes customer service: this is a fact. Wegmans is a business/kingdom of such perfection that if they slip ever so slightly into mishap and poop on the universe, they’ll clean up their blunders with exemplary customer service and all will be forgiven. My disappointing apple experience in February led to an offer from Eric Democko, Wegmans Internet Marketing Guru, to organize a personal apple tasting for me at the Pittsford store in order for me to unearth my perfect apple. As a business owner, I recognize what a grand gesture of customer service this is. For as much as I love and appreciate my customers, I certainly cannot afford to invite everyone to Dollop to taste free cupcakes with the goal of finding their perfect cupcake combination. However, when Wegmans stocks Dollop Frosting Spread on their store shelves (which will be prior to my residence at the Wegmans hotel/café) I promise to personally conduct Dollop Frosting tastings as you peruse the shelves for your grocery needs. Back to the apples. When I arrived I was awed to see the apple preparation that awaited me! Jeff, the produce manager, Greg, the team leader and category owner, and tremendous Trevor had primed my presence by pulling each apple and labeling them (with post-its!), ready to be cut and tasted by yours truly. By apple 8, I was seeing visions of talking apples and just could not continue on for fear of turning into Snow White. Although no apple expert, I was able to rate my preferences from least appealing to almost addiction-worthy: 8. Empire 7. Golden Delicious 6. Macoun 5. Sweetango 4. Honey Crisp 3. Fuji 2. Gala 1. Ginger Gold Look, I’m just as surprised as everyone that Ginger Gold procured the crown in my contest but I’ll tell ya, that was one perfectly crisp, sweetly tart, rotund varietal of apple. Since the guys sent me out the door with bushels of apples the plan of course is to make apple frosting! The girls at Dollop and I are going to take four of these apples, create four apple frostings and let Dollop customers decide which apple produces the juiciest apple frosting. The winning apple frosting will be packaged, named, and delivered to the amazing guys at Pittsford Wegmans (unbeknownst to them). Why are we doing this? Why not! Also, I will always have a soft spot in my tart heart for Pittsford Wegmans since they were my first employer at the tender age of 16. Our history extends so far back that I like to think we’re as tight as pb&j, peas & carrots, pizza and wings, sugar & tongues… you get the drift. [caption id="attachment_381" align="alignleft" width="300"] And now it’s time to make the frosting! Apple frosting tastings and voting will be conducted at the shop this Tuesday – Saturday so show me some love by showing Dollop some love and we’ll bring the love back to Wegmans, whom you all already love. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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