My Philosophy On Baking is This

October 23, 2014

My Philosophy On Baking is This

My hair smelled like sugar and cheese. Yes, sugar goes with cheese. Don’t give me that look. In fact, it goes especially well with mini pocket pies stuffed with cinnamon apple filling. Yesterday, my afternoon was spent baking. But more fun than the baking, was the creating with the bff Jason for his partner’s big birthday bash last night. And that is why my hair smelled so delicious. This is how it went down. Jason asked me to help him bake for the party last night, and of course I said yes. The bride’s birthday boy’s requested desserts were an “oreo cake”, “cookie stack cake”, and “rustic cheddar apple tart”. Yes sir, whatever you say, sir.

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You know how boring it is for me to follow recipes to a T? Utterly so. Bland. Dull. Tedious. I might as well buy dessert from the store if I’m just going to follow the exact words as they’re written in a book. Yes, I realize I’ve written a cookbook, yet I encourage you to get creative even with my recipes. Be brazen! Mix that shit up! Let it rain sugar! So our plan of attack for yesterday's baking extravaganza was merely to be fearless. Have at it. Let creativity soar. Fly by the seat of our sugar dusted jeans! And that’s how the “oreo cake” became thin layers of gluten free brownies stacked and sandwiched with Dollop Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Frosting. A frosting so delicious that even Winnie the dog couldn’t keep herself from licking half of it off the cake. Please make note of the fact that the actual cake part was left uneaten. Winnie knows not to waste her time with cake when there’s tasty frosting to be had. If this is not an endorsement for Dollop Gourmet Frosting, I don’t know what is. (If any of the birthday guests are reading this, we removed that layer of cake, I swear.)

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The “cookie stack cake” turned into neatly stacked store bought chocolate chip cookies glued together with a delicious piping of Dollop Gourmet Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Frosting, with a mound of frosting on top for dipping. Store bought cookies because, well, sometimes in life we need to take shortcuts. And we all know that the frosting is the star anyways. Right, Winnie?

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And the “rustic cheddar apple tart” worked its way into mini cheddar pocket pies stuffed with chopped green apple and cinnamon spice filling. But after I got home last night I could've kicked myself for forgetting to toss the apple filling with Dollop Gourmet Firebomb Frosting prior to stuffing the pies. Ah well, there’s always next time. See, here’s the thing with baking, and with life really in general—there will be things forgotten and there will be mishaps; brownies will break as they come out of their pans, pies will burn, dogs will lick the frosting off half your cake; but it’s all repairable. And it’s all part of the fun. If you’re not learning, playing, experimenting, and failing, what really are you doing it for? Just to recreate exactly what someone else has already done? Oh, dears, no! You have so much more to offer! And that’s why I say shirk the rules! Frosting doesn’t have to go on cake. Recipes don’t have to be followed. Businesses can be built in nontraditional ways. Infuse your personality. Be adventurous. Be fearless. Make mistakes. Surprise us. More importantly, surprise yourself. Show yourself what amazing inventiveness and problem solving you are capable of. I bet you’ll be really impressed. In fact, I already am ;) Create on, oh sweet fearless ones! ♥ Heather photo 2 (26)

Birthday boy in awe of his specially hand-crafted desserts

Birthday boy in awe of his specially hand-crafted desserts. 

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