Pondering on Life

Why I'm Afraid Of (Having) Children

July 22, 2013

Yesterday I held a baby. I didn’t want to hold the baby. I was terrified that I would drop the baby.

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Best Of The Webs Friday!

July 19, 2013

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4 Best Books This Year

July 18, 2013

After writing for 13 hours yesterday I’m having a massive moment of writer’s block.

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8 Steps To Be On a Reality Show

July 16, 2013

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Top 10 Best Of The Webs Friday!

July 12, 2013

Since the week is wrapping up, it's time to reflect on the highlights. What were the highlights of your week?

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What I Learned From My First Hike

July 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon was a special afternoon. It was the afternoon that I went for my first hike ever.

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Suck At Something? Why You Should Keep Trying. HashtagCrossFit

July 09, 2013

You’ve heard me expound on my experiences with CrossFit numerous times (is this boring you?) but I’ve never really admitted how long I’ve been doing CrossFit.

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Why Catering Cupcakes Is a Stressful Job

July 08, 2013

We were only a mile into our 50-mile drive to the banquet hall when I was overcome by a sense of pure wonder. Wonder as to how, just how I survived the past four years of catering weddings without developing an ulcer.

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Best Of The Webs Time!

July 05, 2013

And here we are, back at the Best of the Webs already! A week certainly does fly by. I’m hoping you had a great holiday yesterday; the sun seemed to shine for most of it.

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Why My Dining Room Is Still Empty Two Months Later.

July 02, 2013

It’s been two months now since I moved from a studio apartment into this cape cod and ashamedly, I still don’t have furniture.

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What Do I Need To Know Before Adopting A Dog?

July 01, 2013

I’d like to adopt a dog. Maybe. I’m very hesitant about this. In theory, the idea is excellent. I’m home a lot and I’m usually alone. I have a house with lots of open space.

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What You Need To Do With Your Goat. Yes, YOU Have a Goat.

June 27, 2013

The fabled story is this. In the 1700’s goats were placed in the stables of racehorses to calm their skittishness before a big race. If a competitor wanted a specific horse to race poorly, he would attempt to sneak in and steal the calming goat from the horse’s stable.

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Why You Should Only Think About The Beginning

June 20, 2013

Sometimes the best advice you give others is the hardest to follow yourself. Yesterday when my friend was about to go on a date, she texted me telling me how nervous she was. I knew she was putting an immense amount of pressure on this date because she really liked the guy and wanted it to work out in the end. In the end.

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Why you shouldn’t make fun of International Panic Day

June 18, 2013

Today is International Panic Day. I know this because of this. I even made a lighthearted vlog about it, encouraging you all to panic with me today. Although when I made the video I thought it was just National Panic Day. Clearly, it's a way bigger deal than that.

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Conquering Fears: Talking about my eating disorder.

June 17, 2013

While most young Americans spend their 21st birthdays whooping it up at the clubs or wearing birthday sashes and doing Power Hour at every bar in town, I spent mine at an eating disorder clinic crying over the pop tart on my plate.

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Oooh. Shiny things!

June 12, 2013

You know what’s stressful? My brain. My brain severely stresses me out sometimes. It’s as though my brain and I are siblings and we just can’t get along. My brain sees shiny things and gets distracted while I try to keep us on task.

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Why I watch The Bachelorette

June 11, 2013

As I sat at home last night on a futon, drinking my wine, and reveling in my lactiferous peanut butter pie, I wondered why I was also burdening myself with The Bachelorette.

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On 'Lactiferous'

June 10, 2013

I read this “article” on Saturday that I can’t seem to get out of my head. I quote “article” because technically, it’s more of a retina-burning slew of words. A slew that I take great joys in sharing with you. You’re welcome.

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10 things to know as you prepare for the Fancy Food Show

May 31, 2013

Envision an enormous convention center packed to the gills with every type of gourmet food you can imagine, from 30+ countries, all being given away for free. This, my friends, is the Fancy Food Show.

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Seriously Obsessed With Kale

April 12, 2013

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Thank You, Flu.

March 29, 2013

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Day 1 at Winter Fancy Food Show

January 20, 2013

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Goodbye Cupcake Bar, Hello Frosted Future

December 25, 2012

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Fame House: A True Story

December 16, 2012

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